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My '97 Eclipse

Ok, I wanna update everyone on my car situation. Kerry took my car in to one of his friends to get looked at. His friend looked it over and it turned out that it wasn't as bad as my Dad was making it out to be. So we're going to have him fix it for us. Which is cheaper anyways. Kerry said he would pay for it. What a nice boyfriend! His friend is charging us the $150 for the parts and $50 to have them put in. He's a great guy really. So that's $200 and I have my car fixed. Then I have to decide whether I'm going to go to a junk yard and get fenders or get after market ones and then get a bodykit. So we'll see what happens. Also...when the car hit the wall the mirror glass fell out of it. Does anyone know where I can get the mirror? I really don't want to order it from Mitsubishi, but I don't think junk yards would have a mirror that wasn't busted. But other than that the car will be back in no time! I can't wait to be driving her again. As soon as I get her Kerry is going to be selling his Civic (is anyone interested?) so I'll be getting his MTX system in my car. Yay! Just one more thing that will need redone...the speakers. Haha!

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