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Sell or Fix?

I slammed my 97 Eclipse into a wall...does anyone want to buy it? I did some body damage and the car needs an alignment, but I don't have the money currently to fix the body work. I would be willing to be nego. on the price. I am trying to get at least $2000 if not $2500. It stills drives, like I said it just needs to be realigned. The body work is a driver's side fender and driver's side headlight. The headlight is not busted, just cracked at the corner. The lights still work. And the driver's side rear quarter panel needs to be buffed out. Also, I need a mirror. I have the arm, but not the mirrior. If you're interested or have any advice on a cheap way to fix this...let me know. All comments appreciated.

I don't currently have a pic of the damaged side.

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wat kinda eclipse is it?? and iz it stick?
You obviously dont know your Eclipses. Look at the rims. You tell me. And if you dont know, then you dont deserve to have one.
If you are tryin to sell your car, you shouldn't be rude to the one person who is interested in it. Anyone who actually KNOWS cars..knows that a FRAME alignment is expensive and not worth it. Take your car to the trash dump, that's where it belongs.


July 24 2005, 17:49:12 UTC 12 years ago

1st of all...my frame isn't bent dumbass or else I would've said that. It needs a TIRE alignment!


September 1 2005, 23:03:57 UTC 12 years ago

Sell things much?

Learn how to be polite, that's a big ZERO for customers now....
I don't care. Don't tell me what's wrong with my car when I didn't ask for your advice and when I know what's wrong. YOU DON'T. But I don't care about selling it now. I am keeping it. I bought Z3's and a Blitz/Kombat body kit to replace the damaged front bumper and fender.


September 12 2005, 12:22:53 UTC 12 years ago

Good for you. Make it look like every other eclipse out there.
Way to go Fast and furious replica girl