Rachele (kissed_n_broken) wrote in importtuners,


I need some advice on my car. So if anyone has an Eclipse, please comment. Eclipse people only please...I need people with experience to speak...

I've had my "baby" for almost a year and I've put so much money into it. It's an RS with 118,000 miles on it. Not only that but it's automatic, blah! My car and I have a love/hate relationship. I was thinking of selling her because I want a turbo, however, my boyfriend told me that an aftermarket turbo on an automatic will make it faster then a stock on a 5spd. I don't know what to do because I want to hook up my car, but lets just say I have no money. I have a rebuildt engine, nw tires, struts, shocks, and a new paint job. But I can't really afford anything aftermarket. I really want a turbo, rims, keyless/remote start, neons, exhaust and a sunroof. Any ideas?
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Automatics are generally not happy with aftermarket turbochargers, the excess power will overwork the tranny (which was built to handle the stock power) and it will blow. Manuals are much stronger and can be upgraded with a better clutch, and an auto cannot.

Thats just a bit of advice if you start running more than 4-6 psi.

Oh and aftermarket sunroofs are prone to leaking if not done properly...and neons, well blah but that's just my opinion.

You might want to reconsider what you want out of the car.

I'm on my 2nd tranny because of a failed turbo setup and I was being very careful with it. A turbo will kill it much quicker.
im about to buy an Eclipse, so after i get it, i'll help you then. but right now im driving an 87 Celica GT, so... yea.