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Friday, June 24th, 2005

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Sell or Fix?
I slammed my 97 Eclipse into a wall...does anyone want to buy it? I did some body damage and the car needs an alignment, but I don't have the money currently to fix the body work. I would be willing to be nego. on the price. I am trying to get at least $2000 if not $2500. It stills drives, like I said it just needs to be realigned. The body work is a driver's side fender and driver's side headlight. The headlight is not busted, just cracked at the corner. The lights still work. And the driver's side rear quarter panel needs to be buffed out. Also, I need a mirror. I have the arm, but not the mirrior. If you're interested or have any advice on a cheap way to fix this...let me know. All comments appreciated.
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