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I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS it currently has 126k on a rebuilt engine. I had to get it rebuilt at 104k because of a blown head gasket. The car is currently mechanicly sound except for a needed front end alignment due to an accident in early June. Also needed because of the accident is a driver's side front fender, driver's side head light and a front bumber. Other damage done to the car because of the accident has been fixed and was a lot of front axle damage. Here's the advice I need. In November I am getting $2,500. Should I hook-up the car, I'm talking rims, bodykit, tint, wing, lowered, custom paint, fenders...the whole 9 or should I replace the parts with stock parts found at a salavge yard and trade it in on a newer and better Eclipse? Like I said, nothing is majorly wrong with the car however I am just having a hard time deciding what I should really do. As you can tell I have already put a good bit of money into it due to the head gasket and all that needed to be done along with that. The car is also inspected and emissioned until May of 2006. If anyone has advice please let me know. Here also is a pic (of the good side of the car...as I have no damaged pics available currently) so you can let me know more of what you think. Thanks in advance.

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Nothing majorly wrong? Blown head gasket, (motor too or rebuild was just because?)... Fucked the front end so badly the whole front suspension was annhillated.. The frames twisted and it cant drive straight!

Let' er go and get a fresh start! I'm sure you've learned some things from your younger days with it and had lots of fun in that Eclipse but sometimes ya gotta think with good financial sense instead of from the heart!
1st off I'm 18 and 2nd the frames NOT twisted? If it was I would've said that. It does drive straight. (glad you can read) It needed realigned. I hit the wall turning left at like 95+ mph that's why it was fucked up. All I did was break the upper&lower tie rods, snap the shock and the boot crushed that side of the axle. I got all that fixed. Only thing wrong now is driver's side fender and the front bumper is cracked where the fog lights go.
I don't think that person was trying to be a bitch to you, so first off, calm down & kick back on the attitude. Second, WHY WOULD YOU DRIVE 95+ MPH WHILE TURNING ANYWAY?! Actually WHY WOULD YOU DRIVE 95+ MPH IN THAT CAR. Thirdly, you should be happy you're alive, i'm surprised you didn't mention a hospital visit or anything of the sort.
I need to buy one an eclipse then. Its a freaking tank! And so what about bein 18? I'm 21... It only takes a few years to get attached to the right car.. and its never too early to be financially intelligent! Sorry to sound so ass-hole-ish! Just assumed it was screwed after reading about earlier this summer/spring
It's ok...forgiven... ;) And she's not a tank!